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K-Drive Gamepad options (We need traditional skater/boarder controls)


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I wish there were options to customize gamepad controls for K-Drive use. Currently all vehicular control is tied to general controls.

I've played plenty of boarding games in my time... Tony Hawk's Pro Skater, Amped, heck even Sonic Riders (hah). I would like to be able to set up controls to play a little like those classic boarding games.

This is what I've tried to get it right...

  • Put Aim on Left Face button, (X or Square)
  • Toggle crouch on Top Face button (Y or Triangle), which I'll then need to remember to untoggle otherwise I just stick onto the ground 
  • I use push to crouch, Then I need to go crab pincer if I want to jump.:thinking: 
  • To get the movement right, I put Look on the Left Thumbstick, and even then, I'd have to be able to also move with that stick, or have it move for me.
  • So I tried setting up a macro to move me forward, but of course that just interferes with doing tricks amongst other things...


Long story short, it's not worth munting my gamepad controls just to get it right.

So some dedicated controller options would make this a lot less frustrating. Perhaps it's trying to be distinct, but as it stands, it just comes across as annoying. Counter-intuitive to how most of the game plays.

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