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It's time for a second breath for Warframe


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Hi everyone ! 

I have already created a global feedback thread, but it very very quickly became too hard to keep simple. That's why i'm creating a new post, with a new format.

To repeat myself quickly



I'm not a veteran player, i'm not a new player, i'm just in the middle. I've played a LOT of games in my last 15 years, from strategy games to ARPG, FPS, MMORPG, etc !

I discovered warframe one years ago with the plains of Eidolons and i found this game really really cool. Unique gameplay, that seems to extend with every frame, multiple mission types, and the plains on top of that that trully expand and change the way you play the game compared to the rest of the game.

But after a while, i became a bit bored, feeling that everything was pretty much the same and pushing for certain things that i enjoyed wasn't worth it from the beginning. I was looking for new gameplay loops with fortuna and every frames since the plains, but i haven't found that refreshing content i was looking for, despite trully liking Garuda !

My goal with that post is to give as much feedback as possible, based on my experience, on how i feel about the game and show somes changes that could really improve my experience as a player. Absolutly EVERTHING in that thread is open discussion and result from my limited and very personnal experience with the game and other games i have played.

I will try to avoid talking about specific frames or weapon, since they are "just" variables on top of structure. If that structure doesn't tolerate or encourage variations, certains frames will always be better while others will suck (from a effectiveness perspective ! not design !), same for weapons.

Also i will do a ton of feedback and it might quickly look like i'm judging everything DE has made as bad. That is not the case at all ! Warframe is a fantastic game for the first hundreds hours, thousands for some people. All those feedback are here to look at ways to give it a second breath, not judge DE fantastic work.

Let's jump into it !



In order to make everything easier to read, i move the core of the thread from the forum to a google docs. It allow me to better organise my feedbacks. I will frequently update the google doc and keep you aware of it with a quick comment. Currently the only topic is handling difficulty scaling with ennemy design, to create a fun and fair endgame experience.

Here is the link, take a cup of tea before jumping into it https://docs.google.com/document/d/1lNauV74VTAbusBVGOIojptvtXGT_fGbSyn8_P1bnEs0/edit?usp=sharing

You are free to comment on the google itself, but i highly encourage you to keep as much feedback directly on the forum.

Thank you all, and have a nice day !

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I've just finished a part on Warframe loadout !

I'm glad i took the time to think about it twice, since i got a new idea for a new layer of defense for shield (and overshield) users !


Always feel free to give any feedback on the idea shared in the document ! Especially the craziest ones !

Have a nice day !

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