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Couldn't move in Mastery Rank


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Hi there,


Just tried to do my Mastery Rank (first Melee one, think it's for Gold?) and couldn't move or do anything. Could open the menu but my Tenno was completely frozen after the screen finished loading. Now I've failed it and have to wait another 24 hours which is incredibly annoying.

That, and also my original Skana has gone missing from my inventory and instead I've got two heat swords. Very bizarre, but now I've got to buy the Skana again?

Would love some help or some kind of friendly reset on the counter...doubt the latter is possible!

Edit - I think it crashed when I relogged , I am in the middle of doing Saya's quest from cetus and the box just popped up on my main screen. I think both quests activated at the same time and therefore screwed my movements. Very annoying...love the game though!

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