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Helping new players frogleap warframes


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I think this isn't talked about nearly enough within the community. People do a good job at explaining warframe abilities and weapons. But not a lot with the how and when.

And before people say it, yes, you get a gold star for saying "just get warframes naturally as you go through the game and try a bit of everything as it comes to you and get a feel for every warframe,"

Yes great, but when you have a friend new to warframe that absolutely LOVES volt and I've been nudging him to maybe try new ones.

Would you have any recommendations for a warframe best to get after volt that would transition well with Volts abilities?

And also, if we're using this as a platform for my query, how about some of you come up with your own warframe trees of what a player starts with and can transition into to shake things up as they unlock more frames.

Here I'll provide an example:-


Volt > Frost > Gara > Hydroid > Limbo etc.


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It’s a hard question as everyone’s playstyle is a bit different. There is nothing that I would call a natural progression in getting warframes unless you are going solely on accessibility. Every person will progress in their own way based on their evolving playstyle. I would say, allow them to venture out and try other frames that would be a little different than what they are used to. Help refine what they like and don’t like.

I love volt, but progression took me in a different direction.

I went Excalibur>Volt>Rhino>Frost

Fast forward a few years and now I use Harrow for most missions.

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From Volt... Maybe Gara? Anyway, this doesn't usually have an easy answer since it depends on what you want. Synergies? Team-oriented? Efficiency? Solo? or just having fun?

Although to contribute to the topic at hand my suggestion will probably be Volt>Rhino/Trinity>Frost/Gara>Loki/Ivara>Everything else.


Volt: He's just an all-around bad-ass early game, also still viable amazing end game. You get Excal Umbra handed to you on a platter later on anyway. So unless you hate farming normal excal, then pick him out because Volt is marginally easier to get after the fact.

Rhino/Trinity: Can't go wrong with these two early game.

Frost/Gara: Do whatever the duo before can't handle. (You can skip this step tho if you're decent or have a team setup)

Loki/Ivara: Just to help cheese the grind for,

Everything else. At this point it's just preference, really.

Honorable mention: Inaros. He's amazing, but you need to invest a bit tho. Including the ducats to unlock the storyline.


Granted, this is mostly an all-rounder solo setup. If you have friends you can just start with Mag and still do arbitration no problem ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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First off...Killer name!:thumbup:

On Topic: That's a tough question...

The thing that's probably going to go furthest to determining that progression is going to be that player's personal preferences, the frames type and actions, and what holes it fills that their current frame doesn't.

Lastly, whether or not they will have to give up something they like to get it.

The game is already set up to handsomely reward players who choose to branch out so it should never be that much of a discussion regarding leveling new items.

As to a "frame progression map" for your friend?

Find out what they dig about Volt and then find out what they don't and go from there... Were it me suggesting, I'd be suggesting Frost, Ember, Hydroid, or Nezha next...I'd also suggest you take your friend on a couple of runs with a Limbo, Ivara, Nova (both styles) and Equinox just to see if those styles resonates with them because they are killer choices too but are potentially polarizing too.


That said, There are a number of really good players with really low MR's because they found their lane early and preferred to stay in it.  Your friend may well be another member of that camp too.

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