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Capture Missions are STILL bugged


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This probably appeared more than once here but the capture missions still aren't fixed.
Just now, Cassini, Saturn. I had to do this #*!%ing mission 4 times now before it let me leave ONCE properly.
Sorry but this is just frustrating. I found so much stuff including credit boosters from the caches and I couldn't keep any of this since I had to abort the mission.

Went in just as usual, cleared the target as usual and the moment the extraction marker appears and straight points into oblivion and not the next door you basicly can abort the mission since theres no way to finish it. Tried it multiple times now and iirc this is one of the bugs thats existing since 2014-ish, so It'd be super awesome if this could get fixed some time within the next 4 years 👌

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