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Void Enemies Triggering Traps


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Now, I'm not sure if it's an intentional feature, but I've noticed when I'm hunting in Void missions that the Corrupted enemies often trigger their own traps.  And not consistently.  The perfect example for this is the room in which you have to trigger the pressure plates in the correct order to open a treasure room (which I've never seen because of this, by the way), the enemies like to take cover on the platforms right next to the plates, and trigger them.  But in other rooms, with square pressure plates, they just walk right over them.

Now, personally I would prefer that they not trigger ANY of the plates, as I don't think it makes sense to have occupants of the Void triggering their own booby traps.
So for the sake of consistency, would it be possible to have them either trigger both kinds of traps or neither?

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I have not seen this happen, ever. Dunno if it is something that recently bugged itself in.

Seeing how i haven't played in the void for a week or so

I can confirm that it does happen, if not frequently. Have missed out on the treasure room the OP mentioned at least twice due to this.

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