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Augment Ideas for Inaros,Khora, Gara


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Ideas for Inaros Augments: 



Inaros do not deal damage anymore but consume any enemy in 6 ticks (also works on Sandstorm) and if an enemy dying in Quicksand by Weapon Damage it have a 50% chance to create a Sandsoldier  - cast devour on an enemy effected by Desiccation is energy free (or maybe just 50% of energy coast)



(S)Prey the Desert 

it  Heals Inaros  allies in shared exp range - it creats 2% of Scarab Swarm per tick per effected enemy can  give +50% more Scarab Swarm up to 150% - enemys effected by Desiccation get a 10x damage Multiplier for the Sandstorm - using  HP instead of energy 


Ideas for Khora Augments:


Growing Chains 

Hit an enemy with wipclaw (and the enemy survive) will cast Ensnare  - if you kill all by ensnare effected enemies it recast with +50% range



Cats have more lifes

Venari take deadly damage for Khora and change HP with her you can't restore Venari with energy you need to wait till the timer counts 0 (just if Venari change HP if Venari die by herself you can restore her) Medi-pet kit and Pack leader can short the time Venari need to restore 




You just can set one Dome but this have + 75% / 100% More Range,Duration and Damage 


Gara Augments

Splinter Storm


If an enemy hit / grabble or shoot at Gara this enemy take 1 tick of the Splinter Storm damage 


Mass Vitrify

Splinter synergy

the explosion damage increase with stored damage from Splinter Storm - the stored damage also Increases the HP of the Glass wall 


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