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[Bug] Abilities & Operator frozen on exiting k-drive mode


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Have had this happen a few times now and it's a pretty annoying bug.

When jumping off the k-drive (each time I've just been riding it to a conservation waypoint) all abilities fail to work including popping out the operator. On trying to use abilities, each one (1,2,3,4) just fires whatever weapon I'm holding at the time. The only way to get back to normal functional state is to go back to fortuna and reload back into orb vallis.

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I just encountered this bug, and I have managed to narrow it down and also found a feasible solution until it is fixed.


The bug:
Warframe abilities 1-5 and manual reloading (R) do not work after dismounting a K-Drive if you board it while holding a Lure (tested with Pobber and Virmink Lures)Switching weapons, boarding and dismounting the K-Drive does not fix the problem.

The fix:
To get controls back, simply equip a Lure. Then you'll be able to use abilities again and switch back to your weapons.

To avoid it:
Don't mount your K-Drive while equipped with a Lure, swap to a weapon first.

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