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Once more begging for a controls overhaul on consoles


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In summary:

Please allow all other buttons and triggers to be used in conjunction with the ability button, like, for example, Ability Button +R2 for using the secondary fire on a weapon. Especially that. (I have not used a secondary fire mode yet because of the controls limitations)

Please allow us to designate for each Warframe which power is in power slot A, B, C, and D to better assign them to allow for more and better control options, especially in respect to targeted powers.


Having been lured back into Warframe by a very wonderful person, I quickly remembered why I had liked it so much. And why I had grown very frustrated with it.

 I play on PS4. The PS4 controller only has so much buttons, and even with the help of paddles, there simply aren't enough buttons to:

have quick access to gear all the gear items you need without sacrificing stuff like waypoints etc.

be able to use the secondary fire mode on weapons while still being able to switch camera shoulders - at least not in any convenient place for actually aiming and shooting.


And those are just my two main issues, there are a myriad of other problems because of the limited amount of buttons.

Now, my suggestion from back when was to open up the Ability Button + [something] controls to other functions. Right now, you can only assign powers to face buttons and one shoulder button when holding R1. Pretty much all the other inputs are "not available" (and putting something on the touch pad doesn't work, it will still just shows the map, a bug I reported almost a year ago).

D-Pad, stick buttons, triggers... all potential inputs that are wasted. And I don't understand why. 

Why can I not, for example, use secondary fire on a weapon by holding the ability button and pull R2? It seems like a logical move to allow for more control access. 

Another thing I had asked to be incorporated is a way to choose on each Warframe which power is Power A, B, C, and D.

As most Warframes have at least one targeted power, but that power isn't always in the same power slot, i.e. the targeted power isn't always in Power A. As targeted powers are most effectively used while actually targeting, it would be nice to have a way to put them in the same place, controls wise. But since you cannot change the assignation of powers, that's difficult.


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