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Void Mithra Bugged? Last enemy or Vor problem.



So I've done this Mithra tile on the void a total of 4 times. The 2nd time someone joined the game in the middle and by the 2nd round of interception Vor came and spoke his words then appeared(as it should be). But the 1st, 3rd and 4th time I got stock on the Eliminate all enemies  stage of round 2 and Vor spoke 2x before the 2nd round ended but did not appear even once. So with no enemies to kill I was not able to finish the mission. I used rhino prime all 4 times because of the B site laser plus iron skin combo(1.42 M Iron Skin).
So maybe I am missing something?Like a boss room on mithra? Coz in desperation I rhino stomped all I can hoping to get the last enemy wherever it is to no avail.


I read that this happens frequently and vor can mostly be found on 2nd floor doorways. So thats that.

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