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Mastery Rank 23 Test for Console


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Yo DE could you make the capture points move about 10 times faster, please?

Oh wait!  They already are.

I have watched YT vids of these from PC users and the capture point is not going anywhere as fast as it is for console.  A turtle can keep up with those.

Tried all the recommended frames with top speed and duration and catching and staying up with these 100 KPH monsters is B.S.

I am beginning to believe you don't like us console players as much as you do the PC players.

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I just did this test ( on console ).

Definitely not easy ( for me at least ), comparing with all the other tests so far, and definitely not a test you want to take without practicing first.

But as with any test, it's just really a matter of practicing until you feel comfortable.

If you do it a few times, you will realise that predicting their path is doable and the test becomes easy once you get that.

If you haven't completed it yet, I would recommend using Limbo (rift) so you can simply ignore all enemies and focus on the goal.

Build it with all modules that affect sprint speed and friction. Weapons don't really matter since you won't be fighting any enemies.

Good luck!



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