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Orokin Catalyst Alert - that disappeared


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Even as i type this message there's an Orokin Catalyst Alert (approx 1 hour remaining) which I saw in my Alerts but I first wanted to do a Nitain alert (15 mins on the timer) so that i could do both. but when i exited the nitain alert, the potato alert had disappeared, yet everyone else in the clan seemed to be able to do it... the alert is on Sedna>Adaro from the Tracker Sites (for PC) and yet MY account cannot see this alert? please explain to me why I cant see this when I once did and why its not availble to me but everyone else? Why wouldnt i be eligible for this alert, is there some sort of gating for differnt regions?

PS1. I've opened all the nodes/planets.

PS2. Also, the Daily reset of syndicates/sorties was just due so dunno if that maybe a factor also

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