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Orb Vallis performance drops


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I noticed that entering and leaving Orb Vallis gives me huge performance drops that continue after leaving.

For example, beforehand I could run a tileset perfectly fine with no performance drops, however upon entering Orb Vallis and leaving and going to a tileset, i'm noticing extreme performance drops whenever an enemy or myself shoots or casts an ability at any time, sometimes resulting in a freeze that lasts for several seconds but only affects me, Enemies are free to kill me in this time.

I'm not sure what's causing this or if this is on DE's radar at all, i'm positive it's not a hardware issue of mine, Orb Vallis always seems to give me these huge drops, but many other tilesets are fine, many other games are fine and can be run on High/Ultra settings too. Anyone else noticed this at all?

During the entire mission the frames are saying a consistant 60, but the freezes and stutters still continue.



Specs :

Nvidia GTX970

AMDFX8350 Processor



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