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MOA Security Override Triggered Spy Mission Alarms During Sortie


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While doing the current sortie stage 1 spy mission at Kappa (Sedna) I decided to take my moa (Krysis, Lambeo, Drimper & Aegron) as my companion with the Security Override mod in the first slot. As I was making my way to location B the alarms got triggered, so I decided to stop and take a crack at using the moa to hack the terminal to disable the alarms before hacking the console to enter vault B. Just about the time that the moa should've finished hacking Lotus came on and said that the alarms were triggered and if I lose that data then the mission would be a failure. I looked at my UI to see which vault was triggered with the alarm and it was my vault.

Based on my understanding of how the moa does its hacking, this should not have occurred and definitely seems like a potential bug to me. In all of my time playing the game I've always found it best and easiest to hack the console to disable the alarms prior to hacking the console to enter the spy vault, so I know how this works when the player is the one hacking. I would assume that the moa Security Override mod should have similar actions occur when in use. The moa was standing by the console just as you enter the room with the two consoles during the spy mission, and did not appear to be near the console to unlock and open the door to the spy vault.

Thanks for your time! - depeshmood

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I've been checking the patch notes to see if this has been addressed, while paying close attention to my MOA companion with the Security Override mod equipped and have some various observations. The MOA will stop and interact with any console that you pause next to, based on the animation that the MOA performs for hacking, whether there are alarms or not. If you are within the vault area, once the Lotus says "You are approaching... trigger the alarms now and the enemy will destroy the data", for a spy mission and the MOA with Security Override interacts with any panel that does not open the door(s) and/or to hack open the actual vault terminal then it will trigger the alarms for destruction, whether the alarms were triggered or not.

How to trigger the hack animation outside of a spy vault with no alarms active...

  • Make sure that there are no enemies nearby
  • Ensure that no alarms are currently active
  • Stand near a non-interactive terminal with your Security Override MOA nearby, this might require that you move around just a little bit to trigger the hack animation

How to trigger hacking and alarms for any spy mission, whether the map's alarms are active or not, that will cause the destruction of that vault's contents...

  • Enter the spy vault's section of the map, which causes the Lotus to warn about data destruction
  • Stand near any console that is used for disabling the map's alarms, whether the alarms are currently active or not, you might need to move around the console to trigger the Security Override MOA to do the hack animation
  • Watch as the data destruction timer starts its countdown

I have been able to replicate these scenarios on different planets with different tile sets using different frames. One of the more recent locations that comes to mind is Pago (Kuva Fortress) and upon loading the map the Security Override MOA started interacting with the console that was next to where I loaded into the map with no nearby enemies and no active alarms, based on its animation. The other thing that happened at Pago was I entered the vault with the glass floor paneling and the two enemies that patrol heading through the doors on the right while using Ivara. I stopped for a brief moment in that first room with the security panel to both Prowl for loot and kill both mobs and the Security Override MOA hacked the console, even though no alarms were present at that time, and the data destruction's timer came on and began counting down. Prowl was still active when the MOA triggered the alarms, both of our weapons had max rank silencer style mods equipped and I did not notice anything that should've alerted any nearby enemies to our presence. (spy vault B in https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y5aI-SFbzZA around the 1:39 mark for reference, not my video)

I don't mind that a Security Override MOA interacts with any console it comes across, although I think it should only interact with things that a player could interact with; however, the fact that it can so consistently trigger data destruction in a spy mission just because it interacts with a console is definitely an issue and should be corrected.

Hopefully with this additional information it can help to get this resolved.

Thank you for your time! - depeshmood

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