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[BUG] Smeeta kavat permantly "bleeding out" while moving.


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For background, I was runing banshee prime with my smeeta kavat equiped on hydron,sedna. I had just used a forma on him and put two of the tek mods on ( [Tek Enhance] and [Tek  Assault ] ). When I entered the mission it displayed that my kavat was bleeding out, to my surprise my kavat was runnng around perfectly fine. More over my kavat did not actually get downed or die the whole mission. He had just been reset due to the forma meaning he should not have lived as long as he did without being downed. My assumption (though I know nothing of game code) is that the [ Tek Assault ] mod is what caused the problem. As you probobly know the mod states : " Kavat has a 60% chance to ignore lethal damage and be immune for 4s" when max rank. My guess is that something in the coding freezes the kavat's state between down and immune thus rendering it immortal while retaining the bleedout visual bug. It is worth noting that it would let me start to revive him but would stop in less than a second. The other possiblity is that the mod was working as intended but it was just a visual glitch. I say this because it may have just been a spot of luck that they survived so long by repeatedly activating [Tek Assault]. Anyway hope this was in some way helpful and I am curious to see the cause of this interesting bug.

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