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Bugs with the clothes of the operator


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Hello. After the update, " fortune "I again had a bug with the clothes of the operator which was in the update" Chimera", after many updates, the bug has not been fixed, please fix, and another question, when will add the normal location of earrings on the operator? Playing a female character, I always earrings are not on the ears and in the air, I understand that you are there fortune busy, but also pay attention to these bugs please. I'd attach a photo, but I don't know how, I don't know how It works here.

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Same, after the update Fortuna, my Vahd armor has missing and shrinked parts. Not sure about my Manduka hood.

I came in after some time out.

Never mind, there are new sections for customization like waistands, but seriously?

Still, my vahd pauldron shoulder side are shrinked, and manduka hood seems out of place, more down than up or up than down, i don't know, looks down at front, up at the back.

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