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How to be edgy in warframe.


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You want to be the edgiest and most darkest tenno in the solar system. Well nothing personell kid but you need some training before you become a EDGELORD.

Step 1: Get the stalker gear. Why? CUS IT IS FROM THE EDGIEST MAN ALIVE.

Step 2: Use red and black only. They are the edgiest colours.

Step 3: Use edgy frames. Nekros, Garuda and reverent will do

Step 4: Your operator must have the most edgiest hair. You'll understand.

Step 5: All your weapons must have maximum slash and fire damage. They are the edgiest status chance. 


There is my 6 step plan to become edgy its 6 steps cus 666 is edgy.

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I just thought of a few more steps you could add.

step 7: come up with your own totally unique backstory for your tenno about how their dojo/house/family was burned down and now they are out for revenge.

step:8 Create a playlist exclusively out of Linkin park songs, the Shadow the hedgehog soundtrack and other edgey metal songs.

step:9 type "Nothin personal kid..." In the chat every-time you  finish an assassination mission even if there is no one with you.

step:10 make sure you spend at least 4 hours every day brooding in the dark corners of the relay, while you let region chat know how empty your soul is and tell everyone that "The hero died in me a long time ago.."

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