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Make mag Great.....finally...kinda


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I went ahead and got her Deluxe skin. It is oh so pretty. It's just so good looking for a basic *@##$ looking frame. Now she needs a small rework. (WITHOUT AUGMENTS.)

Passive - Magnetic Attraction Mag pulls nearby Pickups towards her when Bullet Jumping, similar to Vacuum. This also creates a area of effect that when touched by allies gives them a boost in vaccum/Fetch range for a short period of time.

Pull - Mag creates a pulling force that ragdolls enemies when tapped, but pulls enemies into the air to float helpless when "charged." (I know ME2, but it's the perfect effect for warframe.) On a side note, Titania also does it, but why not mag?

Magnetize/Repulse -  Creates a magnetic field around a target, ensnaring nearby enemies and dealing damage over time. When used without a target or on an Ally, a shield forms that collects shots fired at it and shreds close range enemies with it's revolving shrapnel while shooting shrapnel at long range targets using electromagnetic force. This causes slash damage over time to enemies with shields and weakens armor. The more a target is hit. (Nova 1 style.)

Polarize - Same as it is

Crush - Fracturing Crush needs to be added to the 4 as a feature, not an augment. As of right now, I NEED fracturing crush for her four to wish it was effective against armor.

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Mag is perfectly fine as is.  Her pull is cheap CC that lets people ground finisher often.  Magnatize with the right weapons and builds will eat whatever is inside.  You can also turn them into semi decent nukes.  And it doubles as cover for her by her getting inside them.  Polarize is free damage via shrapnal and a constant refresh on shields for everyone.  And crush is long spammable CC that doesn't require LoS.  And can be augmented to do longer combo's of CC.  like paired with a slova.  Those enemies can't stand up.

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I love the idea of Mag's Pull offering temporary suspension as Pull does in Mass Effect. It could make the ability less chaotic than yoinking several enemies wildly (albeit it is entertaining). This could also be used to extend the energy dropping chance of Pull any enemy killed while under the effect, rather than only enemies killed by Pull itself. The Andromeda version can also be used to pull a single enemy to the player and Throw it at another enemy (Throw them into Magnetize or enemies suspended by Pull for a combo?). I agree Mag should naturally better at removing armor, but I would have Polarize be better at it instead.

I'm sure I've mentioned these ideas before so I'll be concise. I think Mag would greatly benefit from 3 hopefully easy changes.

  • Have Polarize additionally remove a % of armor or shields based on strength (but don't convert it into AoE damage as it did previously).
  • Have Polarize grant temporary damage reduction, starting very high at maybe 95% but constantly ticking down at a rate based on duration.
  • Change Mag's passive to redirect all health damage to her shields assuming she has some. This would help her defend against toxin and slash statuses without being forced into using Quick Thinking, and further emphasize her as a shield defense frame (assuming that was the goal for making Crush grant shields).

I'd also remove the travel of Polarize and make it strictly range based again, since the damage reduction would be the incentive to build for duration, but I don't think it's super necessary.

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I'd like for energy orbs to be dropped whether or not they are killed by pull. It would make that more relevant later on vs now.

Also add some interaction between pull and magnitize. It would be nice casting pull on a bubble would cause enemies to be pulled towards the bubble so you can cc enemies without dragging them toward you.

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