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Spawns, Standing, and Tranq Rifle issues


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Spawns: I equipped my Ivara today to do conservation and reach my SU standing cap, and I got nothing but pobber spawns no matter where I went- even in areas where I was previously guaranteed a vermink or a bolorala, nothing but pobbers. Only thing I've done differently is I'm using the Oxylus with the Scan Lifeforms mod (which grants more maximum conservation encounters)- can anyone else who's used this sentinel confirm whether or not it messes with the types of animals you get from conservation? Or have spawns been weird in general for anybody recently? I have all four types of bait equipped in my gear wheel and I go all around the map so I feel like this shouldn't be happening.

Standing: After I go to a pobber call spot, I go invisible and wait for them to approach, then I use my sleep arrow and hit the prompt on all three pobbers before the capture screen for any of them pops up. Triple perfect capture, mission progress shows I get the correct amount of standing (400 x 3 = 1200 standing for three sunny pobbers), but when the mission's over, it seems as though I only get standing for one pobber instead of three, because the mission progress says I've earned a little over 26000 standing, but when I finish the mission and go to my profile (or any fortuna store where I can trade items for standing) it says I can still earn 7000+ standing before I reach the cap (and the amount of tags I get doesn't seem to be correct for when I capture delicate pobbers, though I could just be misremembering how many tags I had prior to my missions).

Tranq Rifle: I move around the map by equipping the tranq rifle to see the available conservation spots on my map, waypoint one, and equip my k-drive (tranq rifle still equipped) and ride to the location. When I get off, in the bottom right corner of the screen, instead of the 1, 2, and 3 slots where you can see your tranq rifle and bait, it just shows the tranq rifle ammo as 1/540 like a normal rifle, and I can switch to my regular weapons and shoot them normally, but I cannot reload them or go into spoiler mode- in other words, even though I've switched off of the tranq rifle, the game is preventing me from performing certain actions as though I still have it equipped, and this issue doesn't get fixed until I equip and unequip the tranq rifle using my gear wheel.

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