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Gems disappearing from inventory after leaving Fortuna


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This has been the third time this happened to me, but after mining in Orb Vallis and extracting to Fortuna, I like to either turn in gems for standing and check how many gems of each type I have there at Smokefingers, or look in my inventory before leaving. I have the right amount of Noctrul for instance today, 10 exactly before leaving and after donating my extras for standing at Smokefingers, then left Fortuna and went to craft a part for my kitgun and had no Noctrul to refine. 

I do not have nay pictures to show this, but the first time it happened I thought I had miscounted, then the second time, I thought maybe I had looked at the wrong gem. I know I should have screenshot it, but had thought it was user error up until this point, where I am certain I had the gems. 

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