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Codex Entries missing



I'm currently missing some entries in the codex

- Enemy:

    + J3 Jodas Golem (not the 'Jordas Golem' entry)

    + Jackal Eximus

    + Datalyst, Artificier, Carabus, Nightwatch Corps (they are not in the codex, but shown in the Simulacrum)

- Object:

    + Forgotten Grineer Storage Container

    + Rare Corpus/Orokin Storage Container

    + Reinforced Grineer/Corpus/Orokin Storage Container

    + Valana Ayatan Sculpture (it's not even in the codex)


Anyone has any idea where to find them? Please help a poor soul

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J3 is the Raid Boss of the Jordas Verdict Raid which is no longer available at the moment. Jackal Eximus is an extremely rare spawn on Orb Vallis. Datalyst, Artificier, and Nightwatch Corp enemies are all event exclusive. Carabus is a drone that is used by Artificiers and the Grustraag Three, so scan it when encountering the G3. As for the storage containers, all of those are extremely rare spawns that have a small chance of spawning in any Grineer/Corpus mission respectively, except for the Forgotten one as its exclusive to the Earth jungle tileset. Valana just hasnt been added into the codex yet.

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