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For you personally, did Fortuna fill the content drought?

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Dont care about Kitguns. Moas are pets and pets AI generally needs an update, and K drive is pointless. Fortuna is a horizontal expansion. We have new things to go alongside the stuff we already have. But we as a community did not progress in terms of power


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47 minutes ago, German said:

I get what you're saying but "free" isn't a valid argument anymore imo. At some point you need to buy things like slots, catalysts and reactors to properly enjoy the game in the long run and yes, while it's true that you can trade for plat (I do it alot myself) that platinum has to be generated through real money.

Honestly, as insane as it sounds, sometimes I wish Warframe isn't free to play for a variety of reasons.

I couldn't agree more ...

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1 hour ago, German said:

No need to be sorry, this is a discussion afterall.

However the big difference is that you came back after some time while many people, including me, have been waiting for big content through the year, especially the last few months have been as dry as a desert.

I hope you see where these people and me are coming from.

Well said. But I believe you also hit the nail on the head.

I'm not saying: "Go play something else." But some folks do need to go take a break & play something else.

I noticed that this has become a recurring problem is all of gaming (as a whole). Folks get a game & try to exist purely on that 1 game.

There is no way to avoid burnout, a jaded mentality, & fatigue when people do this.

I myself took a break & played D2, Spiderman, God of War, etc. Now I'm loving WF again.

I think people need to take breaks. Its healthy for them & the game.

Man, I can't imagine how WF partners must feel...no wonder the bulk of them are as toxic as a Nuclear Reactor core.

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2 hours ago, Vanille said:

Depends on how you rush it. Fortuna had more stuff to do than PoE did at release and it's not even fully released yet. I go to Vallis everyday for a few hours even though I just have everything at the moment, before boosters run out to stock some mats for future kitguns, moas/sentinel weapons, possibly kdrives and amps. Also doing floofs for obvious reasons and trying to complete their codex, damn incarnadine. Also, DE listened us regarding the economy after PoE and made everything in the Vallis more accessible which is good (hopefully they take this and tweak plains to match it, it's not too late), so that's probably why some people feel like they don't have much more to do in Fortuna.

So for me, yes, it did fix the content drought, logging in and playing for hours everyday unlike the past months where I spent most of my time decorating the dojo. The only downside for me is my potato pc takes a while to fully load Vallis so I can't play with public on nor join toroid farms and stuff, I just do all Fortuna alone, which has it perks, can do stuff on my own pace and enjoy the awesome map.

This. Fully agree. 

Yes OP, Fortuna did actually fill the content drought hole. I've played so much since it came out but I'm taking the grind real slow so I don't burn out and don't finish it too quickly. I haven't even built a kit gun or moa yet.

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I think they made a lot of good changes with Fortuna, and made it a lot more user friendly if you will. without the spider boss tho, the cold vs hot temps dont really change much other then the fish.

Iv been playing a lot of D2 lately, not becasue warframe has no content for me, just because D2 is a lot of fun.

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2 hours ago, _Mozzy_ said:

It's definitely provided a lot of content imo, but I haven't had the time/ motivation to play through most of it yet. Also an nvidia driver update #*!%ed all my graphics options and although I put them back exactly the same as before, it looks worse, especially in Orb Vallis. So that's put me off too ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

There's an option in Nvidia gforce called: optimize new games. 

Do a clean reinstall of your Nvidia drivers and make sure to have that UNTICKED. 

I've ticked it before and it #*!%s with EVERY Game and their grandma. 

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Ya I'm sick of people using free to play as an excuse or some free pass on criticism.

Easily spent far more money on this than any triple A game. Don't confuse F2P with a charity.

Due to the amount of money I've spent on this game (especially being conned into spending a 2nd and 3rd time on consoles), I feel even more entitled to complain and demand.

All it takes is purchasing a single entry level bundle and you've invested more than a triple A game. The content they release isn't a charity. Whales like me are paying for it.

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There's been something fundamentally new every year (TSD, TWW, Plains), seems 2018 won't be the case. No matter how fresh and ingenuous Fortuna could be, there will never be the first open world again after the plains, and that's why ultimately Fortuna feels weak to me. Not only that, but the mechanics themselves are literally the same: bounties, mining and fishing reskinned.

One of the biggest gripes is that I felt no incentive to rank up SU. In Cetus, there were definite goals: every level, another mining laser with new features, new spears, new bait; in Fortuna, you get an ultimate laser from the start, all fish, including rare ones, don't require their specific baits, sometimes even spawning on their own. It's always just a set of gates, restrictions, sure, but in PoE they felt meaningful and I knew what I was grinding for. In Fortuna, I had practically every tool from the start and was ranking up just for the sake of ranking up.

Even less sense in leveling Vent Kids -- a syndicate dedicated exclusively to selling boards. No incentive to rank up Vox Solaris either, and for some reason I don't think there will be even in Part 2. Again, in PoE, there was meaningful progression, new kind of cosmetics, amps, and arcanes on every step; now there's just all cosmetics piled in a single level. Last year there were Quills, the warrior mode, new arcanes, finally a way to make operator mode fun, too. Now there's just Little Duck with demeanor so obnoxious, Maroo feels sympathetic and genuine.

The mods are disappointing. If they're truly a bandage meant to substitute Pets 2.0, the fact that all three sets are dedicated to pets is even more sad. Kitguns feel aesthetically unappealing and strangely distant in style from Fortuna itself, but that's just preferences.

The hub feels lackluster compared to Cetus. Vendors feel disconnected from each other and from the hub itself. The lore itself is yet to come, but what's presented now doesn't feel particulary inspired.

The most fun I've had with the update is sending bolarolas rolling down a hill with the Business yelling about how wrong it is, but that got old quckly. Everything still feels like a deja vu from last year.

Also did they really have to sacrifice drawing with mining lasers for the new mining mechanic? It was one of the PoE things that excited me most.

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3 hours ago, Fishyflakes said:

My clan downloaded Destiny 2 for free and are still playing it after Fortuna launched. :thinking:

same lol

i even bought forsaken + annual pass.

All i did in Fortuna was the introduction quest, but i guess it just happened that i got addicted to destiny when it launched. No big deal i still love Warframe and will play the sht out of it once my d2 addiction burns out.

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I still hadnt hit the point of content draught when Fortuna released so wont hit it in quite awhile either. I'm saying this as someone sitting at 2k+ hours and have played for a year currently. For me there is always something to do, enough to spend atleast a few hours per day in WF.

I've been enjoying conservation, fishing, mining and bounties in Vallis aswell as grinding Toroids in content that actually feels fun.

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I haven't logged in to play the game for about a week. 

I'm at a point where I think mods are becoming a bad way to reward players. It's such a one time thing and when you get rewards like that the content you are playing is basically obsolete. 

I really hope they've got something fresh coming with the new boss type and I hope that it's coming soon. Right now I'm having more fun cleaning out my storage than playing Warframe. I really care about this game but this year has been rough. I don't want to buy all the great cosmetics if I don't find the motivation to play the game.

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Honestly, I like it. The atmosphere is nice. I don’t get bored looking at it. (even if I had to turn the graphics down cuz potato GPU RIP 2GB 960) It is familiar to POE yes. However, I don’t see that as a bad thing better than a drastic change that ruins everything. I always manage to find something to do. Fishing, Mining, exploration of caves, messing with the Corpus camps, I find K-Drive really fun regardless of being on Fortuna and in POE.

Breaks up the repetition a bit when I wanna relax.

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In my opinion the issue is not content drought as you can play the Terra system over and over..

The problem here is DE tailoring to starting players. i think that's short term thinking on their part.

Starting players will be one day advanced players and will want to have challenging content. By not addressing that now WF is doomed to keep having content drought and no progression in the future, but cheesing everything as a high MR.

Wouldn't it be great if rail jack would allow us to move into the sentient system (Tau system) which will be a step up in difficulty from the Terra system. Starting with lvl 50 NPC's and going up.(or harder npc's where cooperation becomes no longer an option) it would be in the natural progression for clans and groups of players to bundle up and play with others.

I heard all the idea's and replies about not making it to hard for new players or breaking up the player groups into levels, but what happening now is that low MR's or casual players will have fun and core players/ veterans will leave the game.. and that's even worse.. as you are not dividing the players, but WF is losing them.

Drought is the wrong definition.. skill and difficulty should be the real issue here.

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for me? sure, its a more enjoyable plains of eidolon, and it also means the next big update in the pipeline its the railjack, so im exited

also maybe because warframe is not the ony game i play, i just bought diablo 3, and ive been playing witcher 3, so im not getting burnt out (meaning im not getting exausted with lack of  different activities)

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To me i never felt the lack of content, i like warframe even when i'm doing old content like the old corpus tilesets against the same old enemies i faced countless times, to me more wasn't really required to begin with.

Youtubers live from uploads so i believe this content issue mainly affects the content upload for them, so they make youtube videos moaning about it, but ultimately that doesn't affect me.

Fortuna came and while it has alot, some content is not interesting to me, i will not make all the kitguns or all the moas, i will not use the k drive and preserving wild life is something i will do later on.

But i do enjoy Fortuna, the combat is fantastic, the areas are amazing (congratulations to those involved) and i have so many questions regarding the many objects and panels inside or around corpus facilities.

The content is a bit buggy at times but so far i'm impressed.

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Many have said similar thing as i'm about to now.. But I think the game lacks in Depth, and not Width.. And DE seems add more width, and not depth. Tho, there are some really cool things comming in the futur, and that what keeps me playing warframe.. 


Build Diversity (Buff bad mods, rework warframes)

End game content (What are we grinding for?(fix what you already build, onslaught, abiratations)

Power Creep (Riven, kuva)

New gameplay mechanics (Like new operator abilites, or jailjac, melee 3.0)


More enemys (Fortuna added alot of thous! and it's one of the best thing about it!)


Cosmetics (Skins, floofs, decoration ect.)

MR leveling (to much stuff, that is just MR fodder)

New places to farm already existing resources.(Arbirtrations are fun, but rewards are bad, if your a veteran, and dont need endo, and already got the best mods, there are basily not point in doing it atm.)

K-Drive - Mostly just fluff, cuz it's faster to use arc-wing. 


So fare I think people are not that down with Fortuna, as is diden't add enough depth to the game, but just more width.. The game needs both things to be a great game, and it has both.. Tho if your a veteran, the depth side is lacking atm.. Can't wait for melee 3.0 and RailJack, and fortuna part 2 !

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I never felt a "drought" personally, so the addition of Fortuna does not apply for me to this question.

I like Fortuna, in general, it added lots of things that felt nice to me, even if they are not original. Kitguns are fun for the time being, MOAs are OK, mining is improved, preservation is a relatively fun addition, K-drives are kind of neat and the overall feeling of this new area and its lore and people I find to my liking. None of its is mind-blowing or anything but the addition of this new area gives more depth to the world of Warframe.

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I didn't enjoy the Fortuna Story Quest as much as I had hoped - the characters in it was just annoying with their over the top British accents.

I would really have loved more conversation choices with different story outcomes.

So I haven't been wanting to return there - I bought a K-Drive with Platinum, but I am waiting for DE to fix the zero Mastery points bug, before I rank it up. 

I did think that the Fortuna Update would release with some new cool World bosses, but that's coming in part 2 I guess.

So I feel that I have only scratched the surface of the Fortuna Update or at least I hope so. 

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TennoHawk Pro Skater is keeping me busy ATM. Besides that I mainly just do t5 bounty to max my daily cap and buy new arcanes.  Still Some stuff I haven't tried out like trapping and I haven't had the time to build new moas yet.. I did build my third kitgun though.  So,  all in all not bad but it does seem like it's just PoE 2.0 mostly.  I'm hoping the boss would be worth the hype.

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