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"jiu jie bian" whip / chain shaolin weapon style ?


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Tennos what's up !

That's my first topic ever, and please considerate it. It's coming from heart. I practice martial arts since my younger age, and damn it every gods know how kungfu spirit built me !


Anyway the subject following is there.

It's been three years already since the Lotus released me. I saw how the game evolved. I saw every weapons coming to the light, every arsenal developped and released. From the simple dagger to the throwing chakram, weapons came in the game with a main theme : Martial Art.

But i'm still waiting about THE weapon I grew with ! Here it is : it's called the "Jiu Jie Bian", commonly known as the "Nine Section Whip".

Classic Shaolin folded weapon style, it can be mastered alone or paired. The main concept about this weapon is that the user strike his ennemies by drawing the whip from his body. To resume the idea, it's a mix between the classical whip and the nunchaku. The twined whip combat style is very close to the bladed whips that Kratos use in God Of War. The epic part of this weapon is that it's usually attached with a piece of tissue on the tip, which emits a hudge copter-like sound when the user spin it. The main rule about this weapon is that the user must spin the whip without stoping, in order to prevent every attack attempts.

Here's some video links about how it's used from a mastered hand

Photos : https://www.google.fr/search?q=jiu+jie+bian&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwi4lZbdk_LeAhWIxYUKHUJQCOsQ_AUIDigB&biw=1536&bih=754#imgrc=_


What do you guys think about it ? would it be great to suggest Warframe developpers this new weapon style idea ?

( It's been three years i'm waiting to crush rows of greeners with jiujiebian )

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We have single and dual swords, single and dual axes, so I'm excpecting dual whips/dual chained whips as well.

It can be interesting if the sectioned chains have a combo that can block incoming projectiles (or even reflect them), since it's a defensive oriented weapon.

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