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"San Jie Gun" three section staff weapon style ?


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Hi again tennos, there's my second topic !

After recently posted an idea on introducing sectionned whips in the game, Here's a second proposition. 

The San Jie Gun, in english "three section staff" is a badass weapon that shaolin monks masteries when they reach a considerate rank in the temple. To resume the combat style of this one : it's a mix between the and the Nunchaku. The three adventages known about this weapon is that it can mix defensive and offensive stance in the same time, it has a damned hudge range when fully drawed and it litterally does multiple hits in every strike.

Here's video and a pic links :

some pics :

Video :

  • ( I was there in the video !!!! )


Introducing it in warframe would be sooo epic ! ( it's been also three years i'm waiting it to crush raws of greeners with it )

What do y'all think ?

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