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RIP Fortuna


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I will post this thread just so i can suggest to lower the graphics or something i run inside with 15fps and 200ms time when im doing bountys with players, if i am alone its slightly better.

I have a toshiba laptop processor i3-2330M and nvidia gt 520M.

If people tell me to get a new pc just cause i can't play fortuna, you're wrong. I won't buy an pc just because of that..

I'd be glad if you could do something about it.

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Oh I agree with you

I run regular missions at 60 FPS (locked)

Plains of Eidolon runs in the 40-50s (still very playable)

Orb Vallis (20-30 with irregular stuttering)


I shouldn't have to fidget with my graphics pre-sets depending on where I'm playing. 


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i can do everything fine on my potato computer i got back when skyrim when it came out that has an amd phenom II 820 at 2.8ghz and 6gb ram but fortuna lags to heck and back which is making it unplayable they really need fix it.

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DE doing only Micro-optimizations, not something big that we can say "Yea u guys did great job with optimization"!

Until they do something big, then dont expect to play smoothly guys, you will have always troubles even with good PC's, not just with potatoes.

If DE thinking that we players need every year to buy new GPU, cuz they cannot optimized game once forever after 1-2 updates or hotfixes, then is better that we switch Warframe with some other game.

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