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A Thank You To The Art+Design / Level Design People


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The glass textures throughout the game and especially in the void have had a massive improvement and are looking better than ever. As the person who raised the issue and pointed out glass texture problems thoughout the game

(In this post -> https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/95857-glass-textures-are-dodgy-image-heavy-post/)

I'd like to thank you for addressing it. 


All that's left is for Iron-skin to look a bit better on Rhino's helmets >.> Something that has escaped a fixing since his "spiky" phase


(To aid demonstration, I made him entirely orangey-red and removed emblems etc)


Here we have the random rectangle in the center of the "face" and a lovely silver Kippah both of which look more like clipping issues than the patchy iron-plating I'm sure was intended.



Here we have the same general problem of face-rectangle and the iron-skin layer looking glitched on rather than layered onto the helmet.

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