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Pax Seeker + Titania (Dex Pixia)


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It seems like dex pixia kills are inheriting the damage from the equipped secondary (kitgun) rather than it's own damage numbers in regards to Pax Seeker.

Using the (Catchmoon / Splat / Haymaker) secondary i have equipped, I'm seeing kills by the pax seeker effect hit numbers of around 20k. Which are consistent with the damage numbers coming off that kitgun. 

The Dex PIxia is also generating pax seeker effects upon head-shot kills and it's damage numbers seem identical to the kitgun's numbers.

I don't know if the dex pixia is supposed to be even generating pax seeker effects (it is) and if so, if it's generating it's own damage numbers for pax seeker or if it's inheriting the kitgun's numbers.

Seems like something might be a bit off though, so I thought i'd toss this here.

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