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Dropship enemy spawn bug


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So I've noticed an interesting bug regarding enemies spawning for their dropships. I haven't seen any other posts about this yet so here's one.

When a dropship initially spawns, it is empty of enemies. After a short delay, enemies are loaded into the game and then moved to their respective dropships before being deployed.

The bug I've noticed is that the enemies initially load in somewhere near the current objective. For an easy way to observe this, start a bounty on Orb Vallis that includes ambushing a coildrive. Once it's ambushed watch the area near the drive carefully (usually close to the area in front of it) and you'll see batches of enemies flickering into existence and then being teleported to their dropships. It wouldn't be much of an issue except you can interact with these enemies and even kill them in that brief period. I was testing using powers on them with Mag and I found you can cast magnetize on them and if you look at the new dropships flying in you can actually see one with a Magnetize bubble that's still attached to the spawning enemy you cast it on. It makes it much easier to unveil a riven requiring you to kill enemies on a drop ship. Without using powers, you can also just spam melee at the location you are seeing the enemies spawn and you can even initiate a finisher attack since they aren't fully active yet and aren't alerted to you. If you do perform a finisher, you'll actually be teleported with the enemy to their dropship. Sometimes the animation will break and you'll just drop from the air and sometimes the animation completes and you'll be teleported back to where you started the finisher.

On an added note, I've only encountered this bug once Fortuna released but I'm also seeing it happening with the dropships on the Plains of Eidolon now as well. I'll be happy to provide a short highlight of this bug if needed but it's pretty easy to replicate.

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