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Scale enemy speed (and balance w/ HP + DMG)?


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Like the title says. Instead of just scaling enemy damage and health to absurd levels, why not scale their attack and movement speed as well and balance all three out? I mean:

  • It should be easy to do: It's there in the code, it just needs to be tied to enemy level. It's no AI rework but this at least does something for dirt cheap.
  • The principle is there: The intended drawback to Equinox's Rage is to make enemies faster. Obviously, DE views fast enemies as difficulty.
  • It's new difficulty: Bullet sponges can only be so fun.
  • More "feel" to higher levels: Until you get hit, there's no major difference in enemies between Teshub and Mot. But there's an immediate difference if they're shooting twice as fast.
  • Fewer one-shot deaths: I don't think many people like it. Speed scaling wouldn't guarantee it'd never happen, but taking away from damage scaling should help stave it off.
  • Adds a little extra CC emphasis: That's the natural counter to something fast, assuming you can't nuke it in time.
  • There's interest: Speed Nova is a build. Some people want things to go faster just for farming purposes.

Mind that some things might need to remain at the same speed, like Scorpion hook animations, but that depends how they interact now.

I imagine this has been suggested before but that's why I ask: why not? Does something technical break?

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