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gorgaricus sacs can't be "plugged" after host migration


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whenever a hostmigration happens, the sacs will only "pop" right after one shoots at them,  doing the animation it would do when hitting the ground normally but without releasing the seeds as it would then. since this is the only resource that have this problem, i suspect the animation being the problem and/or the "fruit" being not actually "there" after the migration - meaning, since other resource-sources (like container) also seems to be "respawned" after a migration happens and the sacs seemingly to be randomly beeing created every time an instance starts, there might be a conflict between the place where the fruit is shown (as far as i can tell, the sacs are shown on the same place as before a migration) and the actuall "new" place they are calculated after a migration...

i tried, rather blindly, to test this by shooting "randomly" at unripe sacs, but this yielded no results so far. therefore it might only be the animation that is responsible for it - or, it's just to small a chance to really hit the right place where a ripe fruit is hanging, disguised as an unripe...

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