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QOL: show mastered items on relic rewards screen + descriptions in gear wheel


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The first is prime parts for Void Fissure missions. It'd be very nice if the reward selector at the end of the mission showed not only whether you owned that specific part (Fang Prime Handle, whatever), but whether you owned the product of a blueprint (so Hydroid Prime Neuroptics would show as "owned: 1" on the blueprint reward, even after you'd already built it) or had mastered a weapon or frame (so Vasto Prime Blueprint and Vasto Prime Receiver would both show "mastered" like the market blueprints do). It's getting to the point where I'm starting to lose track of the Prime stuff I've mastered and either sold or turned into another weapon (Prime Bronco to Akbronco, e.g.). It'd be nice if I didn't have to frantically guess in 15 seconds whether or not I need something that sounds vaguely familiar but might be far less useful than another reward.

The other thing is that it'd be very helpful if the Gear Wheel showed the description of the highlighted thing off to the side. Mostly this is because personally I keep forgetting where and when various fish baits are supposed to be used, but it could help with other stuff along those lines too, and it just seems like it'd be generally convenient and wouldn't detract much if anything. There's nothing in that space now except the name of the thing.

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