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Drop chance in Fortuna missions :(


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Been not having much luck with the drop chance on the missions in fortuna like most been after the TAX-credits on all the levels and been doing the levels where highest chance of the drop of the credits 2nd from top most times so good chance of a drop just did level 4 three times with some mates

1 Endo

2 tax credits

3 Fieldron

4 lens

and came out with 8 fieldron , 2 lens and relics and this happens alot to me 😞




I understand that DE are dragging this out but how is that drop random... and always comes in groups of two and three unless it the credits 🙂

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28 minutes ago, stonewales said:

but how is that drop random

You confuse "random" and "random and unweighted".

The drops, in Fortuna like outside Fortuna, are always weighted.

For instance, Stage 2 of the 30-50 bounty has a 22% chance of giving you a 2xFieldron (most likely) and only 5% of Tellurium (least likely). So, if RNG is perfect, you expect to receive four times more Fieldron than you receive Tellurium.

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