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I like the Zenoiru Mask. I don't like being prevented from wearing it. (Spoilersish)


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Spoiler for large pictures, Links? apparently.



It's good; there should be more masks. I wish the horns were larger and had more prongs but it's the best in slot for Facial Accessories right now.

I wear the mask because Warframe is a learning experience for my precious Operator. The main lesson is that the Origin System is a Very Dangerous Place. Since the War Within and the trials of the mountain, that little fall near the start, the Golden Maws that are ravenous, I learned that it's good to be well protected.


All the bones in my leg are the bones that are supposed to be in my leg. No thigh impalement today, Teshin!

A revision was necessary after the Sacrifice though. The first thing Daddy Umbra taught me is that having a a Warframe's pointy arm blades have direct access to your neck is An Inconvenient Situation.


Fortunately the Varida Hood has come to my rescue.

The point in all this is that I'd like my Operator to be as covered up as possible AND use the mask. The issue is that


The Zenoiru Mask shares a spot with the tiaras and diadems that go on the upper face while decidedly being a lower face accessory. When there are pieces of equipment that actually cut out those upper facial accessories like this helmet, they also cut off the mask that covered my Operator's cheeks! Her cheeks deserves to be protected from Gorgon fire too. How will I know the Grineer have no honor if they keep blasting her mouth?


I really like this round of Operator suits. I ended up buying all of them, highly unusual, that. Very practical stuff for a space mercenary ninja wizard orphan.

I like the Zenoiru Mask and I hope there will be more masks. One with fangs would be nice.

I don't like how the helmet gets rid of my mask for no reason, and I think there should be a slot for upper and lower facial accessories so that we can distinguish between what should get cut off by these helmets and what shouldn't.



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