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Problems with Titania and what could be done about them


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I have been polarizing Titanias exalted weapons recently and i have been reminded of why i dont play Titania. Nor do i see her in pugs often which is just futher signs that the problems with Titania is keeping people away from her. Titania is bothersome to play as because of a number of issues plaguing her.


General improvements:

-Horrid casting times. Titania is one of the frames with the worst casting on all of her abitilies. Natural Talent is pretty much mandatory on her if you dont wanna be slowed to a crawl with how often Titania has to cast one of her abilities. Spellbind, Tribute and Lantern could all be one-handed actions. Either that or increase the casting speed on these abilities. They should not be this slow.

-Low energy pool. Given how often you need to cast with Titania in order to stay alive in higher missions she has a surprisingly small energy pool. Please increase her energy pool to 150 (225 at max rank).

-Low armor. Titania is to dependent on her abilities to survive. Some more armor would be nice...



-Dust Bloom. The passive is useful in comparison to some passive abilities like the ones of Frost or Ember so no issue here.

-Spellbind. 5 Meters is just to small to be useful. A range buff to 10 meters would be more practical and easier to use. Status proc immunity for allies is nice but it would also be useful if Spellbind gave something else to allies so i would have more reason to cast it on them. Especially since it can be hard to see if a teammate is suffering from a status proc since some are more visible than others nor do teammates stand still often which just makes it harder to identify. Could also be useful if there was a red sign next to a teammates name on the team ui bar to signal that they are suffering from a proc. If not used for support then Spellbind is otherwise a decent CC but it just needs more range.

-Tribute. 50 Energy for a ability that needs to be casted often to even get a semblance of useful buffs. Getting Dust or Entangle up to their max requires 5 cast which is 250 energy. Without power efficiency and Flow/Prime Flow, Titania is absolutely screwed in trying to keep up these buffs. Turn it into a AoE instead with a range of 15 meters to stop all this unnecessary casting for a barely worth it buff. The buffs themself also needs changes. Dust should go to max 75% reduced enemy accuracy. Thorns is useless, damage reflection is not very good and would be better as just plain damage reduction, let Thorns go up to 75% as well as giving 10 per enemy%. Let entangle go up to 50% and give 10% per enemy. Not alot of issue with Full Moon except it can be hard to obtain from other factions besides the Grineer.

-Lantern. Give it synergy with Spellbind so that if Spellbind is cast on the Lantern target they get frozen and stop floating around randomly, It happends to often that the target drifts off into a posistion where its not useful. Or just make the Lantern target stop moving after a certain amount of time, the target just needs to stop moving. I dont know if this ability is affected by LoS or if there is some other quirk with it but theres often issues with enemies not looking at Lantern Target even if they are in range. A range increase of 15 meters for the Lantern explosion would also be nice. Often the target drift away for the explosion to be useful. Giving it the ability to absorb and store damage like Novas Antimatter Drop or Mags Magnetize would also be useful. However, instead of being released at the Lanterns explosion have it burn enemies with accumulated damage instead to make it more unique.

-Razorwing. There was talk of giving Titania vaccum when in Razorwing. What happened to this? Allowing Titania to regenerate dead moths over time would also be nice. Could also let them respawn per certain numbero of enemies killed in Razorwing. Letting power strength affect the number of moths like on the Itzai and its drones would also be awesome, 6 moths just feels like to little. Perhaps also a unique melee attack animation for the Diwata? Using it currently just feels very slow regardless of attack speed giving very litlle reason to switch from Dex Pixia.

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The Devstream that discussed the upcoming Nyx and Titania reworks did mention some improvements for her in some of those areas.

Titania Changes 
• Tribute now only requires 1 target to maximize each buff. 
• Lantern can be cast up to 4 times at once. Lanterned enemies can be detonated when the cast button is held down. 
• Razorwing is getting a loot vacuum, similar to Archwing!

I don't see it on that Devstream overview, but I thought they also mentioned somewhere that they would fix enemies floating away, and Razorwing collision. I can't find it though, so I could be wrong.

Edit: Dev workshop got posted since this, that's convenient. Lol


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