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Bugs Still Not Fixed This Patch


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Hey guys, hopefully this can be helpful. Just a few bugs that me and a couple of other people have found:


  • The Anspatha Amp Brace does not reduce Amp energy recharge delay like it says it does in the description (and design) of the brace.
    • The energy recharge delay in the stats still says the default of 2.0 seconds, instead of 1.5 seconds as it should be.


  • Weapons with spread mechanics such as the Cernos Prime bow and Fusilai throwing knives do not shoot correctly with Mirage's Hall of Mirrors Ability, no matter where you aim.
    • With the Cernos Prime's Horizontal Spread mode, Mirage's doppelgangers fire the arrows straight into the floor below them.
    • With the Cernos Prime's Vertical Spread mode, Mirage's doppelgangers fire the arrows completely to the side, roughly 90 degrees to the right of her.
    • With the Fusilai throwing knives' Secondary Fire, Mirage's doppelgangers throw the knives straight into the floor below them.
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Another bug to note:

  • The Ocucor (new Fortuna beam pistol) does not calculate Multishot correctly. This leads to the weapon's currently underwhelming performance and terrible ammo efficiency.
    • Adding Multishot to the weapon only adds 50% of the modded effect. For example, modding with Lethal Torrent and Barrel Diffusion only boosts damage by 90% instead of 180% as it should with the two Multishot mods installed.
    • Multishot also does not scale up the weapon's special tendril beam damage at all, despite Multishot increasing the weapon's base damage.
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