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An updated version of warframe....bug


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I know this doesn't belong here but my account default setting is pc apparently and can't seem to find a way to change it to post in proper locations. 

Now to the current problem. I keep getting the update reminder and can't access missions but when I do exit the game and look for updates etc. None exist. After going thru all the threads here addressing the same problem(none with any solid solutions or fixes listed btw) I've tried all the suggested and common fixes and the best I can get is maybe one mission and then locked out of navigation again. The best solution that seemed to work for most ppl in these threads was uninstall game, hard reset and re download....is this seriously the only fix to what seems to be a re-occurring problem across platforms?? 

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This latest time clearing all local saves and hard reset bought me a days worth of playing. But here we are again. Would really like to know a long term fix to this problem. 

Update- clearing local saves and reset has not been a reliable fix and isn't working currently. 

Does anyone have any real fixes to this problem? Seems this has been a problem for years now. No solutions after all this time? 

This is really getting to be an annoying problem. One mission and locked out. Rinse repeat. This is not the grind i signed up for at all. Please fix this problem

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