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Your best dad jokes :3


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I figure besides the migraine Region Chat gives everyone, I wanted to see who could make the most awkward YET FUNNY dad joke.

(bUt OuTcasT yOu’rE nOt a DAd so HoW-)



Anyway, a dad joke is a joke that is of the dry humor category. It combines the use of clean humor and puns to create a joke literally so bad that it is funny...but makes sense all around.


I’m not that good at explaining things like this....ANYWAY here are a few:


I really hate stairs, they are always up to something.

What do you call a dear with no eyes? No idea.

Why are the Pearly Gates always busy? People are dying to get in.

I am not a gambling man, but I know how to use a grill. But even I know when the steaks have been raised.

Where would you find a Mirage? In the desert.



Leave your dad joke below! :3

PS: Please don’t hate me, I just wanted to post something G Rated here....



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