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PSA: Catchmoon's lack of headshot multipliers also applies to Pax Seeker


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image proof:




normally, yellow crit headshots have an additional 2x multiplier compared to non-crit headshots on most enemies (example below). as we can see from the image above, catchmoon pax seeker projectiles lack that extra multiplier, so the critical hit (1336) is only 2.3 times a non-critical hit (582), as opposed to the 4.6 it would be if the 2x yellow crit headshot multiplier were present. catchmoon and its pax seeker do still count as headshots and can activate hydraulic crosshairs, however, as the buff icon in the top right shows



yes my tombfinger has a 2.1 crit multiplier

the hydraulic crosshairs are just there to guarantee that the pax seeker projectiles did in fact inflict headshots. the buff timers are normally 9 seconds for rank 5 and 1.5 seconds for rank 0.

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trying to make the explanation more clear
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6 hours ago, Zsword said:

Do you mean that Catchmoon Headshot crits don't deal the bonus x2? (but atleast they still proc Seeker.)

yep, that is a correct reading of the image. i'll edit the explanation to make that a bit more clear (and yeah this gun plus pax seeker is obviously still busted lol)

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