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Orokin vault artifact debuff affecting Operator and stacking


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I am noticing that when picking up the Orokin vault artifact, whatever debuff I rolled is also now affecting the Operator. To make matters worse, it appears that the debuff is reapplying and stacking every time you enter Operator mode.

For example, in my last run, I got Bleeding as the debuff from picking up the artifact, as my health immediately dropped. Upon entering Operator mode, I noticed that the Operator also had the same glow effect that the Warframe does after you pick up the artifact, and the Operator also had lower health. When I returned to the Warframe, I had even less health than before. I popped in and out of Operator mode a few times until both my Warframe and Operator had 10 HP, and it wouldn't lower any farther than that.

Link to reddit post with video clip: 


Other info:

  • I am doing solo vault runs with either 1 key or all keys equipped (I've tried both)
  • I've reproduced this 100% of the time.
  • I have either 1 or more of each key equipped. (in this last run, I had 1x Decaying key, other runs I had multiple of a key)
  • In my last run, I opened a Decaying door and got Bleeding as my artifact debuff. In a previous run, I used an Extinguished key and got Hobbled as the debuff.
  • This affects all four debuffs that you receive from the artifact. Getting Bleeding/Decaying eventually sets your HP/Shields down to 10, getting Extinguished can make your damage on all enemies 0, and getting Hobbled means you can get slow enough that you can no longer walk/sprint and have to bullet jump.

Repo steps:

  • Pick any Warframe, any weapons.
  • Equip any key, or all four. (doesn't matter)
  • Find the vault first, or do the objective first (doesn't matter)
  • Pick up artifact from vault. (doesn't matter if in Warframe or Operator, but I was mostly doing Warframe)
  • Warframe is now glowing/outlined yellowish from artifact debuff
  • Note whatever artifact debuff you got
  • Enter Operator mode and Operator has same debuff visuals applied
  • Switch back to Warframe and find that the debuff has now worsened (lost even more HP/Shields, doing even less damage, moving even slower)
  • Switch back and forth between Operator and Warframe and find that the debuff gets even worse each time until it eventually caps (10 HP, 10 shields, 0 damage on enemies, can't move without bullet jumping at all)
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