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Pobber Cheating


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Something I had to learn in order to successfully perform conservation on Bolarola's is that Trinity's 'well of life' is excellent for taking the creature and holding it in place, up in the air, allowing you to tranq it in relative peace.  It also works normally on Virmkinks'.  But please explain to me, if this is a bug or somehow a feature of the entire species of Pobbers that I can cast Well of LIfe and it hits them, they glow green but they are NOT immobilized in any way. In fact, they immediately burrow under the ground, even if there is no bloody ground to burrow under.  

This is just ONE of DOZENS of issues I've found with your new conservation minigame.  There are also tons of times when the prey gets stuck in a terrain and doesn't move.  Or they magically turn around before getting anywhere near the lure (and no I was not "downwind" nor were there any bad guys around of any kind.  I've also lost track of how many times I've tranq'd a prey successfully, saw their bar turn grey and yet they still went underground anyways.  This mechanic is SOOO buggy it's not even funny.  Did you even remotely bother to test this???  I've been in PC games since the 90's and this is just BAD.

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