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Mobile app problem


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There's no forum category for the Mobile app problem so I'll put this is general discution until moderators create one and move this thread.

The Mobile App can't use the cellphone data until you activate it on the app.
The problem is that you need internet to get into the app.
So you can't use the app at all if you didn't activated the cellphone data on wifi before going on LTE

This is a problem I downloaded the app on my job and I was stuck trying to find the problem until I saw the option was just turned off by default...
Please make the app use cellphone data by default, I mean, pretty much every app use it by default, we'll turn it off if we don't want to use it.
Plus the app is MENT to be use outside home, where you're pretty likely not on internet

This is a loop, you can't use the app unless you configurated it on wifi first.
Fix this, thank you !

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even with Cell Data enabled, the App takes ages to load on cell Data, even in areas where i could use said Cell Data to Watch videos. For the rare occasional it does load on cell Data, opening the Chat will result in Another nearly infite Loading Time. I accepted it in the end. No warframe App without wifi

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