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simple question (i hope). if i built all the way up to a moon clan can i lower the tier back to shadow without destroying the barracks? yes i googled my question but it didnt give me a 100% answer, so i'm asking the question on here. hope to hear from any of you.

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Reducing Clan Tier

If you are Warlord of the clan, you can simply downsize your clan by clicking the "REDUCE CLAN TIER" option in your Clan Dojo menu.

In order to reduce your clan tier the following conditions must be met:

1. You must have a Barracks built for the tier lower than your current tier. i.e. To go from Moon tier to Mountain tier, you must have a Mountain Barracks in your dojo. Changing from Shadow tier to Ghost tier does not require any barracks.

2. You must NOT have the barracks for your current tier in your dojo. I.E. if changing from a Storm tier to Shadow tier clan, you must first destroy your Storm Barracks.

3. All pending room and decoration builds must be completed or cancelled.

4. The clan membership count must be lower than the maximum capacity of the lower tier you are trying to change to. I.E. if you are reducing your tier from Mountain to Storm, you must have 100 or fewer members in your clan currently.

When all the above criteria are met, you will be able to select the "Reduce Clan Tier" option in your menu while in the dojo. After your tier changes, you will notice reduced costs for room and decoration builds and any active research projects will have their resource requirements updated to reflect the new tier. Please note that any overages you spent on research at your previous tier, will not be refunded when you reduce your tier. There is a cool down of 60 days in between tier changes after each use of this option.

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