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Motion controls disable docked to undocked


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Hi! When I am playing with pro controller and then pick up my switch to play in handheld, the motion controls no longer work. I have to go into the Switch controller settings and change controller settings, and then disconnect and reconnect the joycons physically from the system for it to register again. Is it possible to have the motion controls seemlessy switch from pro controller to joy cons when we go from docked to undocked/handheld?

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Good thing you started this thread, I wanted to point this out at well, but couldn't figure out how to start a new thread!

I have 4 joycons (let's call them A,B,C and D.) A & B are permanently attached to the Switch, C & D are in the controller shell. When I start playing in docked mode with C & D, gyro aiming works. When I take the Switch out of the dock, A & B take over seamlessly, but Gyro Aiming doesn't work anymore.

A restart of Warframe solves this issue.

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