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Fortuna: Fishing/Baits/Liminous Dyes


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I´ ve got the issues on the Baits and Dyes:

They are falling through the water and ground so their not activating, or not properly.

The issue that fish spawning in the rock or solid material even after the fix was deployed.

Last issue i found was: Regarding weather conditions and baits in hotspots, the desired fish didn´t spawn, any but one to be exact. However right after the change into the next weather condition sapcaddys spawned like crazy. To be fair this happens not anytime just like 2 out of 10 fishingruns only.

Ive got no eviedence yet ill post them later but ive got things to do.

Thx in advance for this can be fixed.

P.S. When my baits and dyes fall through the map iam getting slightly aggressive bout it cuz i loose much standing.

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