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Selling prime parts and ayatan stars

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Gt SyngeTheDragon - bp prices are negotiable. 

Want to sell the following blueprints:
Akbronco prime blueprint x2 12p each
Ballistics prime upper limb 12p
Braton prime bp, receiver & stock 20p
Burston Prime bp and receiver - 16p
Cernos prime blueprint x3 8p each
Lex prime blueprint 8p 
Lex prime barrel 15p
Helios prime carapace 8p
Mirage prime chassis 8p x2 each
Mirage prime neuroptics 12p
Nami skala prime bp 12p
Oberon prime blueprint 12p
Oberon prime chassis 12p
Paris prime lower limb - 8p
Sybaris prime stock 8p
Tigris prime stock - 8p
Valkyr prime blueprint - 12p
Valkyr prime neuroptics 12p
Zephyr prime neuroptics - 8p x2 each 

Want to sell the following items:
Ayatan Cyan Star - 1p each 
Ayatan Amber star - 2p each 
Naramon lens x2 3p each
Zenurick lens x2 3p each

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