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A Dream-based quest


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This was based off of a dream I had, but it might explain why the Orokin would leave Er:


A Tenno receives a strange inbox message with this message and a strange group of coordinates:


“You’re needed. C-X.”


At the first set ofcoordinates, they meet a group of strangely specialized Grineer and the cryptid Mokele Mbembe.


The second set of coordinates leads to an ambush by the X-Grineer (unofficial name) but are aided by the Yeti.


The third set of coordinates are those for a meeting with something resembling Margulis, which the Tenno knows isn’t the real one. She then discusses how Er was “poisoned” by the Sky-men in an ancient war with “other-worlders”.


The fourth set of coordinates involves an easy spy mission in an underwater Grineer mobile research lab. During the mission, The Tenno find records of a genetic strand that would not only end Grineer genetic diseases, but also aging as well. After the third intelligence is seized, the lab is destroyed by a Kraken, but the Tenno is also rescued by the Kraken and transported to safety. This behavior is unexplained except by some empathetic transfer from the Kraken: kindred-safety-destiny-repayment.


The fifth set of coordinates is for a meeting with a reptilian, bat-like Chupacabra who telepathically explains what the Grineer are after.


The sixth set of coordinates reveals that “Margulis” was really a Heruka that had taken her shape. The mission to rescue her culminates in a boss battle with a prototype Grineer Super Soldier with traits from all six cryptids.


In the aftermath, The Tenno learn that the Orokin obtained their immortality by stealing the “markers” from these six cryptids. They decided to help out the Tenno to keep this out of the hands of the Grineer as “repayment” (their word for it) for the collapse of Orokin society. They also promise future aid in the new war, and new Kubrow and Kavat subtype options with ties to one (and only one per Kubrow or Kavat) of the six cryptids.


Like I said, this was based off of a dream I had last night.

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