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Switch controller bugs. Massive, inconsistent deadzone.


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So I'd made a post about the switch controls earlier and no one seemed to get it - but I was digging through the forums and found someone mentioning it - and I think I've found part of the culprit.

The switch sticks have a massive deadzone before they kick in BUT that deadzone changes if you are using both sticks for input. This means that if you're aiming, then strafe slightly while aiming, the deadzones on your sticks change.

You can replicate this easily.

  1. use the right stick to look at the floor.

  2. while holding the right stick down, push the left stick forward slightly until you begin to walk, but no further.

  3. release the right stick, but hold the left. Notice that you stop walking, even with the stick in the exact same position. Move the right stick and you'll walk again, release and you'll stop.

With only one stick input, the sticks have almost a 40-50% deadzone. With two stick inputs at once that drops to like 15-20%.

This works with aiming as well, but is slightly harder to notice but you can repeat the above steps and reverse the sticks and you'll see what I mean.

Is this a bug? The intended way the controls should work? Or am I just crazy?

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You aren't crazy at all. I'm guessing you're using a pro controller?

I'm thinking the deadzones were configured by default for the JoyCons and not the pro controller. The JoyCon sensitivity is MUCH higher than the pro controller, it's basicially "all or nothing" when it comes to moving the sticks on them. The pro controller sticks have a much broader range of motion, and I think this why we're seeing such a heavy deadzone.

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Just posting here to report the same thing. Even with the Joycons, something is definitely off with the deadzones. On top of that, I've noticed that upwards y-axis movement on the right stick has a completely different sensitivity than downwards movement currently. In other words, I can look down relatively quickly, yet, it may take twice as long to move the camera back upwards to the starting height.

Oddly, I've definitely seen very few real performance issues outside of the controller stuff many people are experiencing. I'm definitely looking forward to digging into the game further once they're resolved.

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All I can say is I've been struggling from day one using joycon. I had to change settings to very low sensitivity just to get by best I can. Ive got all round the planets, done mot and sacrifice, but that is thanks to the sonicor I built and running side to side while holding down fire button on a kohm. So im 'aiming' with the left stick (moving to the position I want to shoot at)

I failed mr6 test today lol, failed badly, only hit like 3 targets. Aim was all over the screen. No chance I will pass it with current set up.

Reading the OP also makes sense to me now why sometimes I would come to a sudden standstill.

I also feel I am constantly being pulled to the left / fighting against it.

Im having fun and doing alright but thats just because I know the game well and can adapt. Hope the aim gets improved though.

I'll have get a pro controller and try that too. But it is the aiming in game that is off, I mean if you look at the virtual cursor in the menus it works perfect with joycon right stick.


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Can confirm, using a pro controller and am experiencing the exact same issue. Deadzones change sizes when using one or both sticks. The single stick dead zone is roughly 50% of the movement, and goes from nothing to full power as soon as it kicks on. When aiming and moving the deadzone feels the same as it does on PC with controller or Xbox. Because the deadzone changes in size though, it is very difficult to get used to the controls, making it very difficult to play.


Edit: The left stick's deadzone changes the most. The right stick's dead zone only alters very slightly, maybe by less than 5%. As OP said though, left stick's deadzone changes from 50% to about 10%-15%

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Ive had this problem on the joycons not only with sticks, but with buttons and bumpers as well... the melee button is getting severely abused when Im not pushing the movement stick.



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