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Issues with Nintendo Switch since its launch.


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First off, Thankyou so much for bringing this game to the Switch, Absolutely love it and it feels right at home.

hacking terminals suffers from a large delay in responsiveness.
-its a huge problem with both Corpus and Grineer. Both Rotating the modules and locking/switching to rotate the next jigsaw peice have a huge delay in response adding an extra 8-12 seconds to hacking.

Interception + eximus units. Noticed this during Eximus Sorties aswell as interception missions whenever an eximus or 2 will spawn at once. Fps just drops to less than 4fps until the eximus either dies or you retreat away from the area.

Aiming I dont really have an issue however im seeing allot of my pug members have extremely low accuracy of thier weapons (talking less than 5%.)

Movement issues=
Running, sliding, bullet jumping feels unresponsive and delayed effectively hurting the flow of movement.
Sprinting -We need a permanent auto sprint setting or have sprint speed tied to how much pressure is applied to the joystick.

Rapid fire weapons audio and bullet/graphical feedback cutting out or all feedback (audio+graphical) disapearing entirely
-Weapons where ive found this is Titania exalted pistols, Supra, Soma, akstilleto, secura dual cestra, hikou prime.

Network not responding message followed by disconnects when theres evidently no issues at all with the network conditions. In other words i can see other players aswell as myself interacting in the level as normal but i get network not responding for about a minute followed by a disconnect. (this is from grouping up in the asian region in singapore). (ping limit 300)

Switching to melee and activating life strike seems very unresponsive and sluggish. Perhaps this is linked to the input delay issues.

I love having the ability to adjust graphic settings ingame. Hopefully these settings can be expanded on in the future to give players more control over thier FPS smoothness.

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