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Hazard environment are invisible


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After fortuna update... two of the hazard environments change to invisible.

I can't take screenshot well, because it's invisible... So using the adaptation mod for gain resistance from hazard things which virus, magnetic, radiation.

Below the screenshot take in during the hive sabotage, Eris. 027657379D956B0358E64AA0C9C064ADFC51933E As screenshot showing 80% magnetic resistance when passing through the aim point. There is nothing can be found during the game. In this time using the 'Rolling guard' mod help to erase magnetic proc. 

8F15C6CFAB9D91A71738B84CB29292079908D7EDAbove screenshot also showing the 90% magnetic proc with active arcane grace, when passing through aim point.

Below the screenshot, I got the two resistance which 50% magnetic and 60% viral when I passing that way. When I standing there....


Just magnetic proc activated when I standing there...FA0588F7088E73A8C6DA621A11E4EE2A849AC2DC7E626C4A7D6A4EA736D3AC5E870C623FAFB76D1CAs screenshot showing... still there is nothing like orange bubble or texture for viral or magnetic area before the Fortuna update.

I cannot take the screenshot, but during sortie mission with low gravity with magnetic bubbles and solar storm? with radiation area. They also invisible after Fortuna patch...

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 Screenshot about today's sortie with 'Radiation pockets'

This also showing radiation clouds are invisible now. No enemy near but gain 90% radiation resistance by 'Adaptation' mod with 'arcane aegis' activate.

3B19A21B0FFE18B9D54A81DCFE12011E53A54B64Next screenshot also showing got the radiation status.CE4DC3C1BBA48DBCBE94016C380DE02477A356A7

All the screenshots showing decrease of duration time of 'Arcane aegis' and radiation status. But 'Adaptation' mod showing refresh duration with 90% resistance. Looking around but no enemy, no radiation clouds.311D9E64934EE286EE3AB6665E794B30F90A59CD

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Sortie with Electromagnetic anomalies case

Some of magnetic clouds are visible as normal.BAB327808BCE95A8C00BC0F3C5327DF32AA6367FBut others showing dark colored shade...40F1C60CC51292F8B70A60AF93052A7EECFFA7D9If player too close to contact... it will proc magnetic as normal magnetic cloud.718B00E274C3AC759340CCC84F3947490CF2B305Also can be destroyed.E129DEE30ED7FA1AB24D71B39CE8557E11491597I don't know why they are looks different during the game... Below the screenshot's dark shaded area also magnetic cloud.559757AF60AA2D37AA769D2EF5F3DEBADB87C541FFD7959843B551613DF0BDA39775A604CD265E13

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