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A new warframe idea/playstyle


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Hello Tenno!

Posting here as this is just a rough idea for a new Warframe and wanted general input from yall.

I'm not a Greek major or anything, so this is just a loose reference to the fate sisters but I had an idea for a unique playstyle for a Warframe to spice up the game.


A witch themed Warframe, based on the Greek witch sisters of fate who shared one eye. Her focus for playstyle would be support with some self-defense skills uniquely played out.

Passive: (Ward) While not taking damage for over 5 seconds, Moerae gains additional armor indefinitely at 5 armor per second. Each point of damage taken reduces equal points of armor acquired.

Energy: 100
Health: 400
Energy: 150
Armor: 50


1. Well - Cast an energy well with an AOE, draining enemy health and restoring it to all allies inside the well. Two cast styles, just pressing ability will cast a well with a duration and a weaker drain/gain. Holding the ability does full drain/gain but costs energy and Moerae, herself, receives none of the drain. This is to focus on reenergizing the team.

Damage: Single Cast  20/30/40 damage per second; Held cast 40/60/80 damage per second
Cost: Single Cast 25 energy: Held Cast 15 energy per second
Range: 5/10/15 m

Augment: Blood Well - Moerae uses health instead of energy to cast this ability, and now receives energy but not health while holding ability.

2. Elemta - Summon an elemental golem, element based on energy color. The golems attacks are different based on energy.

Heat - Golem has a 5m aura dealing fire 20/30/40 damage per second with 100% proc chance, primarily melee attacks with a large AOE fire attack every 20 seconds at upon death that deals 300/400/500 damage
Toxin - Golem has a 5m aura dealing toxin 20/30/40 damage per second with 100% proc chance, primarily range gas cloud attacks dealing 100/200/300 damage. Upon death, emits a large AOE viral attack that deals 300/400/500 damage per second with 100% proc.
Electricity - Golem has a 5m aura dealing electricity 20/30/40 damage per second with 100% proc chance, primarily range lightning strike attacks that deal 200/300/400 damage where strike hits with a 2m radius, upon death emits a large AOE lightning pulse that deals 300/400/500 damage with 100% proc.
Cold - Golem has a 10m aura dealing cold 20/30/40 damage per second with 100% proc chance. Casts ice winds on team to provide additional armor 10/15/20 per second up to a cap of 500 armor

Elemta Health: 500/1000/1500
Duration: 30/60/120 seconds
Cost: 50 energy

Augment: Moerae summons two elementals with all stats halved, second elemta is a random element aside from chosen energy color.

3. Hex Touch - Hex an enemy. Hexed enemies deal reduced damage and receive additional damage. Upon death, enemies within range are hexed.

Strength: 20/35/50% damage reduced, 10/20/40% additional damage received
Cost: 75 energy
Range: 5/10/15m range for spreading hex
Duration: Hex remains active until enemy dies

4. Sisters - Moerae casts an eye over her head, separating two phantoms from herself to aid in battle. Each phantom can cast her other three abilities while active but Moerae herself cannot cast other abilities while the sisters are active. The sisters cannot use your weapons and only cast abilities.

Strength: Sisters damage through abilities deals .25/.5/.75 the damage of her abilities
Cost: 100 energy to cast, 15 energy per second drain to keep sisters active

Blood Sisters: Energy cost and drain now pulls from health


I am sure the numbers need tweaked, but what I think would be cool with this is it creates a support frame for energy/health like trinity but also brings forth a power frame through the elemental and her sisters, giving the player a cool opportunity to cast powers for support while focusing on weapon use. Cast an Elemta to wreck and well it up for the team or drop the sisters for power casting and mini golems while you do some melee/gun damage.

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